Augustus 2020
Zaterdag 22 augustus

De geplande 3-daagse AOPA Texel Fly In kan geen doorgang vinden door de COVID. Maar daarvoor in de plaats een 1-daagse versie.

Vrijdag 28 augustus
September 2020
Vrijdag 11 september

Fly In Eelde

t/m 12-09-2020

nog onder voorbehoud

Vrijdag 25 september

Fly-In of Saint-Yan

t/m 27-09-2020

Dear Pilots and Plane Owners, On Friday September 25th, you are cordially invited to attend the 19th edition of the Fly-In of Saint YAN, nearby Macon in France. This will be a great pilotís weekend. A great agenda has been put in place. Thereís also an airshow! Details of the event can be found at the following landing site weíve created: Registration is free of charge. It is a great opportunity to have a great European Pilotís gathering in a stunning French region famous for its tasteful kitchen. It is our pleasure to welcome our IAOPA friends to join. Best Regards, Peter SODERMANS President AOPA Luxembourg