De gevolgen voor de luchtvaart op een rijtjeDe Britse CAA heeft de gevolgen van een Brexit op een rijtje gezet. U gaat wellicht iets van de Brexit merken als u bijvoorbeeld een Brits brevet hebt. 

Vooralsnog is er geen akkoord uitonderhandeld en moet worden uitgegaan van het volgende:

In a non-negotiated outcome at March 2019, we have assumed that:

  • The UK leaves the EU at 11 pm on 29 March 2019
  • Through the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the UK adopts all European aviation laws at the point of exit.  Changes will be made to ensure those laws are legally operable
  • The UK continues to mirror EU aviation regulations for at least a two year period
  • The UK withdraws completely from the EASA system in March 2019, meaning that the CAA will need to make arrangements to fulfil regulatory functions without having EASA as a technical agent and having without having access to EASA and EU-level capabilities
  • The UK is no longer included in EU-level Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements
  • There is no mutual recognition agreement between the EU and the UK for aviation licences, approvals and certificates
  • UK-issued EASA licences and approvals are no longer recognised in the EU post-EU exit
  • The EU treats UK airlines as Third Country Operators
  • All licences issued by the CAA under EU legislation, and all type approval certificates and third country approvals issued by EASA under EU legislation, will continue to have validity under UK law, if they were effective immediately before exit day
  • The UK minimises additional requirements for licences, approvals and certificates from EU aviation and aerospace companies providing services and goods in the UK
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