Emergency Airworthiness Directive Rotax 912 and 914 engines

EASA heeft vandaag, 2 augustus 2023, een 'Emergency Airworthiness Directive uitgegeven' (AD No.: 2023-0156-E). Het gaat hierbij om Rotax 912 en 914 motoren. De AD is effectief per 4 augustus 2023.

Als reden voor het uitgeven van de EAD is het volgende aangegeven: "an occurrence was reported from the production line where it was found that certain propeller shafts showed abnormalities on the surface. Further investigation revealed that this non-conformity was caused by a deviation in the machining process of a certain production batch of shafts. It was determined that this discrepancy could lead to increased wear of the propeller shaft bearings, possibly resulting in engine problems. [...] This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to engine in-flight shut down and (for a single engine aeroplane) consequent emergency landing of the aeroplane [...]."

De betreffende AD tref je via onderstaande hyperlink aan.


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