Pipistrel biedt gratis online training aan

Pipistrel heeft besloten om tijdens de huidige (intelligente) "lock-down" periode gratis toegang te bieden tot al het online trainingsmateriaal. Pipistrel Academy 'computer based'  trainingscursussen zijn tot eind juni 2020 gratis beschikbaar voor iedereen. Normaal gesproken is het online cursusgeld €147,30 voor 14 dagen of € 247,30 voor een permanent abonnement. Cursussen zijn overal ter wereld toegankelijk, met je laptop, tablet of mobiele telefoon.

To register and begin learning about Pipistrel aircraft and flying in general, please register for your online course at https://www.pipistrel-online.com/
Click   “Create new account”,   follow the registration instructions and select the online course you are interested in by using the Enrolment key: FlyPipistrel

And as the best information is always at the end….
Here it is:
Anyone who successfully finishes an on-line training course will receive a voucher for a free demo flight in one of our aircraft at your closest Pipistrel distributor’s location all over the World, valid until the end of September 2020.

We hope that this Pipistrel’s contribution to the global pilot community will help the pilots to keep safe, remain knowledgeable and invest their time in lockdown during Covid-19 crisis in training, so that they can enjoy flying even more when the current restrictions are eased.



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