Beperkingen omringende landen

We hebben een inventarisatie gemaakt van de beperkingen die in de ons omringende landen gelden. Let op! Het is niet meer dan een momentopname. Morgen kan de situatie weer anders zijn en het blijft de verantwoordelijkheid van de vlieger de meest recente NOTAM in zijn/haar vluchtvoorbereiding te betrekken.


FIR Prohibited
UNTIL 05 APR. 2020; SFC+
Belgian airspace: VFR and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) flight prohibited, except medical, police, SAR, state, military, maintenance, technical inspection flight and flight to assure functioning of the state
This NOTAM spans all of the Brussels FIR.


COVID-19: passenger restrictions all non-Schengen nationals are prohibited to enter the federal republic of germany by order of the federal ministry of the interior all non-Schengen nationals are prohibited to enter the federal republic of germany. exempted from the travel restriction are: 1. for the reason only to return to their home: a) citizens of the schengen associated states b) third-country nationals who are long-term residents under the longterm residence directive and persons deriving their right to reside from other eu directives or national law or who hold national longterm visas 2. other travellers with an essential function or need, including: a) healthcare professionals, health researchers and elderly care professionals b) frontier workers c) transport personnel including flight crew engaged in haulage of goods and other transport staff to the extent necessary d) diplomats, staff of international organisations, military personnel in the exercise of their functions e) passengers in transit the temporary travel restriction is applicable for 30 days.

AD/FIR: EDGG from: thu 19 mar 2020 08:40 to: thu 16 apr 2020 23:59


FIR Information
UNTIL 11 JUN. 2020; SFC+
Crews should follow the latest public health England (phe) guidance to operators. This guidance - which includes a public health announcement for passengers arriving to the UK - is disseminated through each operator directly. Contact 0044+2076548000. 2020-03-0272/AS1
This NOTAM spans all of United Kingdom.

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