EU en de Britten

Het vertrek van UK uit de EU blijft ons bezig houden.

  • Is it correct to say that all EU licence holders flying a G registered aircraft in the EU have to comply with new UK legislation as of 31-12-2022 and have to have a UK  licence in order to continue flying a G registered aircraft in the EU?
    YES - that is correct. 
  • Is it correct to say that EU licence holders with LAPL privileges can not fly to the UK even with an EU registered aircraft?
    The LAPL is a sub-ICAO licence and is only valid in airspace of EASA Member States.  Thus a unfortunately a non-UK issued LAPL is generally no longer valid in UK airspace.  The UK does accept non-UK LAPLs issued before 1 Jan 2020 to fly UK-registered aircraft in UK airspace under a General Exemption until the end of 2022, as it treats them as if they had been issued before the UK left EASA.
  • Can you say something about Microlight pilots flying to the UK from EU MS? What licence or permission do they need? This would be interesting for a lot of our members I think. I received a question from a Dutch pilot flying a German registered Microlight wanting to fly to the UK and Ireland.
    The pilot would need a validation from The Netherlands CAA to fly a non-Part 21 aircraft registered in another EASA Member State in any case, but would need some additional permission from the UK and Ireland as well.  Attempting that with a non-ICAO compliant pilot licence is unlikely to be accepted, the UK CAA advises me.
  • In the Netherlands we are working on acceptance of the LAPL and PPL as a valid licence for a Microlight.(or a National Microlight licence RPL).This may help to improve matters in future. We would advocate all EU countries and the UK to accept EU licences for National Aircraft.
    The UK allows pilots holding UK-issued LAPL(A) or PPL(A) with SEP privileges to exercise those privileges on Annex 1(e) microlight aeroplanes provided that they have received microlight differences training from a microlight-qualified instructor.  That has been the case ever since JAR-FCL.
  • Are you still working on the CPL light for sightseeing tours and the like and para dropping? Is there any news on that topic?
    Subtask 1 (b) of RMT.0194 is to ‘Review the theoretical knowledge training path for CPL/ PPL holders who aim to become flight instructors (FIs) for issuing non-professional licences (that could then also be extended to professional pilots in single-pilot aerial work activities) and develop a competency-based TK training syllabus’.  However, that hasn’t even got as far as a Notice of Proposed Amendment yet - the NPA was due to be released in Q1/2020 but probably won’t now be published until 2023.


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