Sunny Swift Issue 22: Collision avoidance - make yourself seen

Many pilots have experienced situations in flight when another aircraft came too close without them being aware or when a mid-air collision did not occur just by coincidence. EASA recently reviewed this type of scenario and developed new actions to help mitigate the risk.

As well as improvements in airspace design and management of airspace, the plan also relies on promising technological developments in the area of non-certified traffic awareness systems. Despite these systems not always being mutually compatible, their wider use combined with improvements of their interoperability could significantly help in reducing the airborne collision risk, especially in situations when uncontrolled traffic is involved. In support of these developments EASA came up with a novel concept called iConspicuity.

This latest story of Sunny Swift introduces this new concept and also recognises the efforts leading to a broader compatibility of various iConspicuity systems.

The main message here is that being equipped with an iConspicuity compatible system, and activating it, can improve pilots' awareness of nearby traffic and thus make a timely avoidance manoeuvre possible so to avoid mid-air collision.


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